About Free Enterprise University


Starting and successfully operating a small business is one of the most challenging tasks a person could possibly take on.

In addition to the long hours of work and struggle required to get a business beyond break-even and into profitability, there is an enormous amount to learn and almost nowhere to turn for concise, correct answers to questions ranging from marketing to management.

Free Enterprise University was created to meet this critical need.

Lifelong entrepreneur Frank Felker’s concept of The Entrepreneurial Cube, Six Sides Of Small Business Success is based upon his 40+ years experience working with and presenting before thousands of small business owners across the Western Hemisphere.

Each of Free Enterprise University’s course offerings is related to one of the Six Sides and based upon the real-life experience of the entrepreneur-instructor.

Students are not offered theory but rather actionable information the can apply directly and immediately. Solutions are presented to problems and challenges faced by business owners from every industry around the world.

Free Enterprise University is currently in pre-launch Beta mode. During this period lifetime Silver Level Membership is available at no charge.

After launch three levels of premium membership will be offered which will give students access to exclusive content including video course offerings, tools and live Google+ Hangouts with successful entrepreneurs from around the world.

Sign-up now for instant access to our growing catalog of free courses and receive lifetime access to all other Silver Level benefits. You’ll also receive email updates from which you can opt-out at any time.

For further information please contact us at info @ Free Enterprise University dot com.


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